Nylon Thread for Custom Fishing Rod Building

Nylon wrapping thread has a high tensile strength, and is primarily used for wrapping fishing rod guides to the rod blank.

It can also be used to customise your design as Nylon can change colors dramatically depending on the thread colour itself and the background colour of the rod blank.

For example, if you want the custom effect of a thread blending into the the rod blank for a seamless appearance, use white or other lighter tones of nylon thread to blend into the background color of the rod blank..

If you want to keep the thread tone true to the colour on the spool, use a colour preserver before you apply epoxy.


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  • VOODOO-Black-Coal-Main
    Voodoo Black Coal Thread

    250yds or 4oz | Size A or D

    Priced from
    $ 10.95
    $ 1.00
  • FishHawk-Nylon-Main
    FishHawk Regular Thread

    5 colours | Size A&D | 100m 1oz 4oz

    Priced from
    $ 7.50
    $ 0.68
  • Fuji-Ultra-Poly-Thread-Main
    Fuji Ultra Poly Thread

    27 Colours | Size A&D | 100m,1oz & 4oz

    Priced from
    $ 8.95
    $ 0.81
  • ProWrap_Nylon_A__51a735f3424fa.jpg
    ProWrap™ Nylon 1oz Spools

    Superb Tensile Strength | Smooth Spooling | Colour ...

    Priced from
    $ 15.95
    $ 1.45