Calstar Blanks for Custom Fishing Rods

Calstar fishing rods and blanks have "set the standard" for serious saltwater anglers worldwide. Strength, durability, and performance to catch serious fish. From the rugged dependability of the "West Coast" series to the lightweight strength of the composite "Graphiters",  Calstar Rods provide you the angler with the tool you need to get the job done. Calstar is the serious anglers first choice.

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    Calstar E Glass

    11 Models | Black Or Tan Finish | 1 PCE

    Priced from
    $ 92.00
    $ 8.36
  • Calstar Graphfighter
    Calstar Grafighter

    7 Models | Charcoal Finish | 1 PCE

    Priced from
    $ 189.95
    $ 17.27