MHX X Glass Composites

Created for mid-range to shallow depth crankbaits, the X-Composite construction provides the soft tip flex that anglers prefer from a crankbait rod. Utilizing graphite material in the butt area of the rod blank for overall blank lighter weight as well as a soft fiberglass tip section, these blanks are perfect for short lipped cranks or vibrating, lipless rattle baits.
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MHX X Glass Composite Blanks


Product Information

Name Color Length Pieces Line Wt. Lure Wt. Power Action Tip Size (mm) Butt OD (mm) Application Weight (ozs)
CCB834-MHX Gloss Black 6'11" 1 10-15 3/16 - 1/2 MH MOD 2.60 15.00 RT, TB, LCB 3.25
CCB865-MHX Gloss Black 7'2" 1 10-20 3/8 - 7/8 MH MOD 2.80 17.00 LCB, SWB 3.5