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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would I choose a custom built rod?
A. I am asked this all the time as there are so many good 'off the shelf' rods available. When I am discussing rod selection with a customer and we are looking at all options, I regularly get comments like, 'I wish the rear grip was longer (or shorter)' ,'the tip is a little too stiff' or 'I would like the guides at the tip to be larger'. Mass produced rods do not have this degree of customization to perfectly suit the style of fishing or individual preferences. This is where the custom built rod is the standout choice. The quality of finish and components also mean that if you treat the rod right, you'll have it working for you perfectly for years.

Q. What about Components?
A. I can help you select the right blank and components for the blank and fishing style. I can show you ranges you probably haven't seen before and work with you to build a better fishing tool.

Q. I really like this rod but it’s seen better days. Can you help?
A. Not a problem. As long as the blank is still functional, we can strip it, reclear the blank back to new, then rebuild it to your specifications.

Q. What sort of patterns do you have?
A. The RodWorks has dozens of cross wraps and weaves available. The entire range has not been listed on the website.

Q. I would like a custom rod but have always thought they were too expensive?
A. Custom rods do usually cost more than 'off the shelf' rods. Custom rods can be built to budget prices though, depending on the blank, components and bind up required.

Q. What are the most popular rods you build?
A. It varies, as I build for a wide range of preferences and needs. At present the soft plastics market is huge and I have been building a lot of the new MHX High Modulus series blanks range for that style of fishing.

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