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Rod Building Classes

Ross van Enckevort has put together a course which will help all of you wanting to build your own fishing rod. Hopefully this course will help you avoid learning about the pitfalls the hard way.

"I feel now it is time to pass on some of my knowledge that I have learnt over many years to people wanting to learn. I own and operate Australia's largest totally dedicated RodBuilding online shop "The RodWorks" with products from all major manufactures also penning many articles for world wide publications on rodbuilding topics. I have put a list together on the topics I would like to cover but there's so much to learn and know.

Feel free to ask any questions you want at this course. This will be a basic course on building a rod. I will be offering an advanced course later on with builders interested in wanting to learn Leather grips, Rope Grips, Cork and pattern work be it crosswraps or weaves, two piece joins glass to glass, and extending rods.

In this course I will be taking 4 students at a time. which will give me a bit of time to dedicate to you all. I know there will be plenty you will want to ask and learn."

- Ross van Enckevort

Courses are run regularly and a date can be finalised once we have 4 people booked on the same date.

Basic kits are available, and we ask that you discuss with Ross the style of rod you wish to build so he can advise on blank and components prior to course.

Your kit will be ready on the day to be paid for. Having kits available and ready to go saves time on the day by not having to select components etc.

Your Rod Building Course:

  • 2 x 3hr sessions
  • Cost $50.00 for two sessions
  • Saturday mornings 9.00am - 12.00pm
  • Meet and Greet
  • Discuss with Rod what you are wanting to build
  • Show and offer blank and components to be purchased
  • Discuss Blank construction. materials used, actions, coding 's etc.
  • Select blank for style of fishing
  • Tools needed to make your own rod
  • Select and discuss components for build up. discuss options
  • Assembly of components. epoxy used. backbone alignment etc.
  • Discuss guides, frames styles, guide sizing, ring materials, guide placements
  • Threads, makers, sizes and types, colors
  • Binding guides. guide preparation, show trimming, guide alignment
  • Basic Diamond wrap. spacing etc. Discuss color preservers. thread epoxies. show application. bubble removal etc.

The course is held at 36 Barmera Avenue Hope Valley South Australia 5090

Telephone & Facsimile (08) 8395 0755 Mobile 0418 104 265

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